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The Volkswagen and I

We have had Volkswagens off and on since the 60’s. They have been more or less OK as automobiles, although it’s hard to forget the company’s origins in the Nazi period. The very name “Volkswagen,” after all, is a piece of Nazi-German.

Well, this is the end of my relationship with this company. We have just traded in our ’99 New Beetle. During the nine years of misplaced pride of ownership, it was hard to see its inexcusable downsides. I did, and still do, love the looks of the car, but not enough to overlook its grave defaults:

1) It sits too low off the ground. This caused us at least two expensive repairs because the car could not avoid objects and curves on the ground.

2) The visibility from inside the car is worse than in any other car that I have ever driven. It’s very difficult to see what’s coming from behind, and even difficult to see what’s on its sides.

3) The service, as exemplified by the local VW dealer, is poor. Service hours are scheduled to accommodate the dealer, not the customer.

4) The inside space is cramped, the space in the trunk is laughable.

5) Repair history, as reported by Consumer Union, is below average.

I am now driving a Honda Civic, and driving has become a pleasure once again.

Auf Wiedersehen.