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Two articles about Obama-Wright that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS

Peter Wehner

The first of these is an altogether excellent analysis that has just been published by Peter Wehner in the National Review. The article is in the form of twenty-two questions to the Senator about his relationship to the Rev. Wright. For example, there is question number Eight:

When you/those on your campaign cancelled Reverend Wright’s delivery of the invocation when you formally announced your run for the presidency in February 2007, what were the grounds for the cancellation? What did you know about Wright then that moved you to cancel his appearance?

There is a different type of article, also excellent, about Obama’s church in this week’s New Yorker. It is entitled Project Trinity, by Kelefa Sanneh. Where Wehner is sharply polemical (but, in my view, right on), Sanneh is non-judgmental. His is a scholarly examination of Wright’s origins in a certain segment of Black religion. But for all its objectivity and refusal to take sides, it is all the more devastating, IMHO, as a refutation of Obama’s defense of his pastor and his church.

Kelefa Sanneh