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Egypt’s "Street" still hates the Jews

Israelmatzav: Anti-Semitism in the anti-Mubarak crowd

Here is a major scandal that involves The New York Times and other American main-line media: there has been an apparently deliberate suppression of the anti-Semitic incidents in their great, beloved, democratic revolution of Egypt. Al Jazeera reported that “many of the gangs who attack reporters shout ‘Yehudi !’ ” (Feb. 13), but this is something the Times didn’t find fit to print. The New York Post had an altogether credible account of the sexual gang assault on CBS’s (non-Jewish) correspondent Lara Logan (Feb. 16), viz. that it was accompanied by shouts of “Jew, Jew.” But our so very high-minded “quality” newspapers would have none of that. We also know of other anti-Semitic incidents, reported elsewhere, but not in the New York Times.

Now, to its great credit, the Jewish Week of February 25 publishes an impressively researched article by its associate editor Jonathan Mark, The Lara Logan Cover-Up ?, in which he gives details about the shameful Egypt-prettyfication campaign by the Times and other papers.

UPDATE May 1, 2011: Tonight’s 60 Minutes has an interview with Lara Logan in which she confirms, though in a muted way, the anti-Semitic aspect of the incident. Will that be enough for the NY Times to break its conspiracy of silence ?