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The American Communists, 2010

Apparently THEY think that they’re still alive

Things to watch for in this revealing little video:

1) Watch them sing “We Shall not Be Moved.” I heard them — the comrades of the CPUSA — sing the very same song in 1940, but the words were “Browder is our leader, we shall not be moved…” Today, Browder is no longer mentioned by these folks. He has been air-brushed out of their history.
2) Watch the demeanor of the comrades when they sing the Internationale. Those are still the holy words to them.
3) And finally, where are all those starry-eyed, good looking young people of yore ? Not in this crowd.

Do you have it in your heart to spare them a little pity ? (I don’t, actually)

Stirring Songs of the 20th Century

Political commitments and political passions have found expression in what is known as “stirring songs.” To what extent does such music contribute to causes ? The question also comes up in relation to the use of music in religion, to which I may wish to devote another posting.

La Marseillaise

The Internationale:

Horst Wessel Song:

God Bless America !

Oh Canada


"The Internationale" with Scottish brogue

The Scottish Socialist Party gives us this bit of leftist shmaltz. Watch Barbara Scott. By the way, Mr. George Galloway (see later postings on this blog), one-time socialist MP from Scotland but now absconded to England, has never liked the Trotskyist SSP. Too much competition, I guess.

In one of those truly weird stories that plague extreme leftists from time to time, the Trotskyist SSP has had a great deal of grief from its former leader Tommy Sheridan. It’s all about sex and alleged lies about sex — so much so that the political side of these left-wingers has been seriously compromised. The links I have just provided will fill you in, if you’re looking for a spot of entertainment.