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Life Among the Chachamim

Theodore Bikel
An Occasional Series on Great Jewish Geniuses

So here is the actor Theodore Bikel, or Chaver Bikel as he is known to his comrades of Meretz.  Eighty-seven years old now, but brilliant, absolutely brilliant in his razor-sharp analysis of war and peace in the Middle East.  Here are his remarkable insights, as reported by the Forward:

Anyone who has strong feelings for Israel like I do, and that [sic] believes it is an absolute necessity to strive for peace, understands that the single most obvious obstacle are the [Jewish] settlements …

Ten thousand Hamas missiles fired at Israeli civilians ?  That’s nothing.  Holocaust denial by much of the Arab press ?  A trifle.  Hamas calling for an end to Israel ? Nada.  No, according to Chaver Bikel, it’s the Jews who cause the trouble.  The Jews.  What a friend we have in Bikel !