Mr. Mivasair Goes to Hebron

Mr. David Mivasair of Vancouver has done all he can, it would seem, to tell the world that he doesn’t like things Jewish, and certainly not things Israeli:

* He has declared that in no way will he “support” Israel;  on the contrary, he has supported Hamas killings of Israeli civilians.

* While he has an ordination from the (Jewish) Reconstructionist denomination, and while he is pleased to refer to himself as “rabbi,” he has also, simultaneously with that activity, been part of the clergy of the United Church of Canada.

*. He does not believe in the Jewish practice of Brit Milah (circumcision) for Jewish boys;  instead he will (for a fee) preside over an “intactivist” “Brit Shalom.”

Etc.  I have written a bit about him before, but a simple google search will tell you more than you probably want to know.

Well, there is a new development.  Mr. Mivasair is making a pilgrimage to “Palestine” next month (and wants you to give him money to do this), and guess where he is going in “Palestine” — he is going to Hebron, ground zero of the Islamist assault on Jews in 1929, where 67 Jews (many of which were Yeshivah students) were murdered.

No, Hebron was not part of an Israeli-occupied territory.  Israel did not exist at the time, and the Jews there were not recent “settlers.”  They were part of the oldest Jewish community in the world.  Until the murders of 1929, there had never been a time since antiquity that Jews did not live in Hebron.  Today, this 1929 murder is celebrated by the Fatah organization as the work of “martyrs.”

Mr. Mivasair has promised that he will tell us about his trip upon his return.  What will he say about the 1929 murders ?

What We Must Know About Palestinian Public Opinion


Daniel Polisar

To those of us intensely interested in Israel, or Israel/Palestine, each day brings a barrage of new materials.  Much of it is propagandistic, for one side or the other, so we may be pardoned for fallen prey to a certain information fatigue.  Yes, yes, we know, we’ve heard it.  So when an exceptional piece of new scholarship becomes available, it risks being ignored.

And here is the impressive scholarship by Daniel Polisar (Shalem College, BA Princeton, PhD Harvard), in two separate articles in Mosaic, which is absolutely essential reading because it tells us in stupendous detail what the Palestinian Arabs want.  (No, it’s not co-existence with Jews.  Nor is it any kind of acceptance of a Jewish presence anywhere “from the river to the sea.”)

Polisar has examined over three hundred separate public opinion studies and has analyzed these with great discernment. Polar’s work needs to be in the mental library of all those concerned for Israel.  I would go further and say that those who have not studied  his work  actually have no place at any table of discussion on this topic.

Well, finally, I must say that Polisar’s work is not perfect.  He does not share with the reader enough technical detail concerning the sampling procedures of the studies that he considers.  But, given the scholarly tone and rigor of his work, I tend to trust his judgment about the adequacy of the polling procedures.

Here are the articles:

1). What Do Palestinians Want ?

2). Do Palestinians Want a Two-State Solution ?