What About the Partial Jews ?

Some of us think of ourselves as Jews without question.  Others think of themselves, or are thought to be, “half Jews,” or in some other way only partially Jewish.

In this essay, which I have just posted on my website, I

1) take up the question of how to define “Jewish” and point to the deficiencies of the conventional religious definition;

2) propose a multivariate definition of Jewishness, borrowing from the statistical notion of factor analysis

3) note that those Gestapo agents that the literature describes as “Jewish” were, apparently, mostly partial Jews

4) explore the role of partial Jews in the self-described “Jewish” anti-Israel movement in the United States

Once again, here is the link to this essay



The Secret Codicil to the Iran-US Agreement: The White House Saves the Day

white house

As the world learned only much later, the Stalin-Hitler Pact of 1939 contained a now-famous Secret Protocol that divided Eastern Europe into German and Russian “spheres of influence.”  This blog has now learned that the Obama-Khamenei “Framework Agreement” signed in Lausanne today similarly contains a Secret Protocol.

While not all details of this Secret Protocol could be verified, certain features of it have been confirmed by usually reliable sources.

First and foremost:  the numbers.  It seems that the Iranians had always insisted on a round million while the American side would not hear of anything above 100,000.  Some circles close to the White House, for example a high-ranking US Senator from New York, is said to have insisted on an absolute maximum of 10,000. The White House is also said to have actively sought advice from academic circles.  A very senior retired professor at MIT is said to have weighed in with a figure of about 50,000.

In the end, eager to come to an agreement, the White House is said to have  confronted the Iranians:  no more than 500,000 or we walk.  Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif is said to have made a special appeal to the Ayatollah, who agreed to accept the half-million figure, though with considerable reluctance.

And so, it can be said that President Obama will be credited, in the end, with having saved the lives of half a million Jews.  Oh yes, all these numbers have to do with how many Jews the Iranians may kill with their atomic weapons.