Trotskyism, Chicago, 2012

The International Socialist Organization, one of the Trotskyist splinter groups and apparently the only one to have youthful members, finds that socialism as of 2012 means three things:  a disarmed police, death to Israel, and free abortion on demand.  But especially death to Israel:  intifada, intifada !

hat tip:  EAG

Doc Martyn, on another site, has suggested a companion piece (from the movie Cabaret):

Partners in Hate. Noam Chomsky and the Holocaust Deniers

Here is a link to my essay:

Partners in Hate.  Noam Chomsky and the Holocaust Deniers

And here are links to related writings:

Why am I providing these links ?
The Google search engine, for reasons that are not clear, yields only Chinese characters as a link to my Chomsky pamphlet.