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  1. I have been paying close attention to the controvery that erupted with the publication of Guenter Grass’s poem warning of the consequences of an Israeli first strike, here the links to the archive for the controversy,


    and to various ensuing discussions

    A compendium of critical opinions http://summapolitico.blogspot.com/2012/04/part-synopsis-of-grass-poem-controversy.html

    And of positive takes http://summapolitico.blogspot/05/defense-of-beast-post-mortem-part-ii-of.html




  2. As to your video Mr. Cohn. Grass, ethnically a Kashubian, a Slavic minority in East Prussia, born in 1928, was an enthusiastic Hitler Youth. As his father appears to have been an enthusiastic party member. Grass volunteered for armed service at age 15, at 17 he sought to join the Submarine (U-Boot) section of the German Navy (Marine) but was denied entry and diverted to the Waffen-SS, which was very hard up for man-power, if he had said no he most certainly would have ended up in a labor camp detail, or shot. All this you can find out by reading PEELING THE ONION, and that he served but a few months, appears to have been terrified [Grass is of rateher short stature, thus was perfect for the role of tank gunner). If you want tp see real contrition on the part of someone who was misled as a youth there is no better example than Guenter Grass. Here is a link that may amuse you, it is to the story of a German Jew who survived by joining the Hitler Youth, which he claim he loved enthusiastically!


    An ihm scheitern die Rassisten
    Der „Hitlerjunge Salomon“ erzählt sein Leben und gibt Grass recht

    An ihm scheitern die Rassisten (Foto: V. Gerards)
    Von Valerie Gerards

    FRIEDRICHSHAFEN Er hätte sich auf den Kopf stellen können, die Nazis hätten ihn nicht genommen. Weil er Jude ist. Es war das Leben, das ihn trotzdem in die Hitlerjugend hineingeschleudert hat. Eine gefährlichere, furchteinflößendere, dramatischere Art, im Dritten Reich zu Überleben, konnte es kaum geben: Inmitten der Feinde selbst zum Feind werden, sich verleugnen, um zu Leben.
    Totenstill lauschen die Schüler den Worten des Zeitzeugen Sally Perel. Er lebte unter dem Namen Josef Perjell vier Jahre lang in der Haut des Feindes, jede Stunde in der Angst, entdeckt und hingerichtet zu werden. …

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