How to Achieve Fame and True Recognition

Do you feel that perhaps you have not accomplished as much in life as you might have ?  Or do you perhaps feel a little under-appreciated ?  Fear not, help is on the way.

Today’s mail brings a proposition from a  religious organization that offers to list me in its forthcoming journal as a man of high accomplishment,  one deserving great honor and recognition.  Just how much of these, however, depends on how much I am willing to pay.  Here are the choices:

“Patron”              $6,000
“Benefactor”       $3,500
“Supporter”        $4,500
“Angle”               $2,000
“Champion”        $1,500
“Guardian”          $1,000
“Hero”                  $  500
“Shepherd”          $  300

Can there be anyone who values the important things in life who would resist such an offer ?  Hint:  “Hero” seems the best buy, giving a lot for very little.

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