How smart is Noam Chomsky ? — II

Chomsky says that Ron Paul is absolutely correct when he blames the US for 9/11.

How does Chomsky know this ? Because rich Muslims, when polled by the Wall Street Journal, have said so. For Noam Chomsky that is proof positive.

One problem remains:  Has Chomsky lost it altogether ?

And as I asked some time ago — his claque of admirers notwithstanding — just how smart, really, is Noam Chomsky ?

See also my earlier take on Chomsky’s genius.

Paul Bogdanor,  The Top 200 Chomsky Lies

One thought on “How smart is Noam Chomsky ? — II”

  1. Ron Paul assumes that the US military presence in different countries around the globe has something to do with the terrorist excuse for attacking American and other civilians.
    I personally don’t agree with that possibility as an attempt to explain. For the real reasons or motives for anti-American terrorism I regard the sociological theory of Gunnar Heinsohn et al as more likely. But as an excuse US hegemony (good or bad, to me: ambivalent) seems to be in use.

    By the way: Noam Chomsky is an intelligent scholar. He’s inspiring though I don’t share some of his views.

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