Hate crimes USA: Jews are the most targeted

# of offenses = number of “hate crimes” reported by U.S. Department of Justice for 2008

size of target = for the “racial” groups, US Census data; for the religious groups, poll data of self-identified religious adherents, corrected to include both children and adults; all rounded to nearest million, except that for Jews and Muslims the rounding is to the nearest 100,000.

Interpretation: Proportionately, Jews were targeted more than three times as often as Blacks, more than four times as often as Muslims.

3 thoughts on “Hate crimes USA: Jews are the most targeted”

  1. The categories are those reported by the US Department of Justice, which, I believe, collects the data from various law enforcement agencies. The criterion seems to be what the perpetrators have in mind. In other words, those who perpetrate these crimes may or may not know the difference between Arabs and Muslims, but the law enforcement officials make a decision based on what they think the perpetrators wanted to express. I can see that sometimes there may be errors in these determinations, but I don’t think that the data are “skewed” in any systematic way.

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