Sidwell Does So Help Public School Kids

In my “Modest Proposal for the Sidwell Friends School” (see my blog of November 22), I wrote, among other things

At least some of Sidwell’s resources could be made available to all students in the District. Perhaps there could be classes in art appreciation, or college-entrance preparation, or music, or whatever, free of charge to all children. Perhaps the STO funds could be used for these services.

I have now had the chance to talk with Mr. Ellis Turner, the Associate Head of the School, and learned that Sidwell has a number of specific programs to help children in Washington’s public schools. For example, Sidwell has a relationship with the (public) Brightwood Elementary School to help in a “lap reading” program. On the high school level, it has a relationship with the (public) Duke Ellington School, which, among other things, provides scholarships for math students. And these are only two examples of programs in which Sidwell cooperates with public schools.

Bravo Sidwell !

2 thoughts on “Sidwell Does So Help Public School Kids”

  1. This post sings quite a different tune than your previous ones about Sidwell. Next time, would you mind finding out the whole story before making blatant assumptions?

  2. Thanks for your comment. I try to correct my mistakes promptly.

    Now, what do you think about Sidwell’s failure to admit a reasonable number of African Americans ? True, the President’s children are admitted, but not many others, proportionately (see my entry of November 26, 2008).

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